Monday, November 17, 2008

                     Sunshine Factory Restaurant



The meeting was called to order by the club President, Mike, NODK


In Attendance         


27 Members

  2 Guests      Jack Bravis, NNV, Randall McPherson, KF3DR


Old Business          


The new club website is near completion.   When we put it up on the server, we’ll ask for your feedback. QRX for the announcement.   


New Business                    


Jeff Martin, KEFJ, received his Membership Certificate at the meeting.


The following items were discussed and approved:


v     Annual dues for 2009 will remain at $25.00. 


v     To qualify for listing on the Member DX Award page on the new website, the award must be accredited by the issuing organization – award in hand.


Larry, NXB, reports that after 30 years on the Apple Valley tower, the city has requested the 41 repeater antenna be removed.   The repeater will be QRT. 


Officer Elections:  Members running for office will be voted on via the mail list.

The current officers (incumbents) are running unopposed.  WAW, WZR, and KBUD are running for two director positions. 


Treasurer’s report:  Income $4,832    Expenses $3,820    Balance $1,012





Health & Welfare


Scott, KMD, is recovering from a painfull back condition caused by a herniated

disk.  Get well friend, and get ready for your trip to KP5.         



Door Prize Drawings                    


Dennis, KFQR, $20   Donn, KQC, $20   Club Treasury, $46




73, Jim, KJUH