Meeting Called to Order:   Date: _04-17-2006                Time: _7:12

Members in Attendance:  _____42________ Guests: 0

Health and Welfare:

Not exactly H&W, but word from a couple of from a snowbird not back from the South..WEKS John sends
his regards, and says he will been back next month.  And also a note
from  Jonathan Fox WAMT...unfortunately,  saying goodbye, as he's has
moved to Albuquerque, NM.

Old Business:

YXA DXpedition (Aves Is.) and VU4's from the Andaman Islands are up and
running. Glenn WGJ sent a short email saying that he was delayed by one
day, as the flight out of Bemidji was canceled.He is currently in India
awaiting the flight to Fort Blair.

New Business:

A warm welcome to members from afar! Jeff WXV came
all the way from Mississippi, and George WTRF, and Ted W1GL from way up

Mike, WWG gave the treasurers report, and stated that current TCDXA
membership is at 86 members, and with 8 unpaid members. The Club
secretary has sent out the snail mail notices for dues.

New members at TCDXA this evening were Mike Elwood NNK and
Craig Anderson W9CLA ....WELCOME!!

This evenings raffle drawing winners were John  KTG, and Dennis KFQR
($40 each).


Tonights program was given by Ralph Fedor KIR on
this last winter 3YX DXpedition to PETER I. Ralph presented his Power
point presentation and comments on travel to and from the Island,
operating set up, antenna's and other interesting stops along the way.

The 3YX QSL cards will be coming out shortly, and I'm sure an extra bit
of $$ would be very appreciated, as this was a very expensive DXpedition.

Meeting Adjourned:  Date ____04-17-2006______ Time ____7:21______



TCDXA Secretary