Meeting Called to Order:   Date: 03/19/2007   Time: 6:12 PM


Guests:  2: Steve KSR and Dave K9UX


Health and Welfare:  None tonight


Old Business:  DXpedition funding has been approved for the following DXpeditions so far this year: Swains, Scarborough, Djibouti, and Bangladesh. Our budget for DXpedition funding has technicaly been depleted, but we have several additional sources of funding coming.


New Business: Treasurers Report (tnx Mike WWG): $2402 in bank. 


***POLITE REMINDER**** TCDXA 2007 DUES ARE DUE!!!!  Thank you.

Raffle winners: NDM, KSQ, KIEA. Plus $73 was made for the club auctioning off artifacts from Tony KMO's XU7 trip.


Meeting Adjourned: Date:  2/19/2007 Time:  6:25 PM


Presentation:  Tony KMO gave a presentation and on his operation and trip to Cambodia where he operated as XU7MWA during last year's CQ WW CW Contest.


Respectfully Submitted,

Lou, ACX

TCDXA Secretary