Meeting Called to Order: Date: 5/18/2004 Time: 7:00PM


Members in Attendance: 23 Guests: 5


Health and Welfare: None


Old Business: None


New Business:


One new member application from KGW Greg Widin and sponsored by Mike NODK was reviewed. A motion was made, seconded, and approved to add Mike to the membership.


KSJ, Skip Jackson and N2DUP, Chuck Gysi are candidates for our ARRL Section Manager position and both gave a brief presentation on their credentials for the election to be held in July. The ballots will be sent to all ARRL members and this is your first chance to vote for a new section manager in many years.


Lou, ACX stated that unless someone else volunteers to do the 2004 WDXCC convention in the Twin Cities this year that he would contact the clubs in Kansas City and St. Louis to see if they would like to take the reins this year.


Mike, KBUD announced a change of venue for this years Tailgate Swapfest. It will be moved to the 3M parking lot off of I-94 and Century Ave. in St Paul. The date of the Swapfest is the 5th of June.


1st Place raffle prize went to KIEA, Dave for the free dinner, and 2nd place went to NAT, Ron (cash). The raffle collected a total of $77 with $20 dollars going for the free dinner, $29 for the cash prize, and the remaining $28 of the raffle money going to the club treasury.


Presentation: The presentation for this month was given by Barry Mitchell, NKV, who came all the way in from Denver, Colorado. Barry gave a fine talk and Powerpoint presentation on the Dxpedition to T32WW, Christmas Is.


Meeting Adjourned: Date: 5/18/2004 Time: 8:30PM



TCDXA Secretary